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2012年9月19日 ... 由Industrial Light and Magic带来,原来的标题是《钢铁侠》和《终结者》中的image based lighting和physical shading,但是实际上这个paper覆盖

exterior shading - Linguee

Many translated example sentences containing .exterior shading. – Chinese-English ... image quality deteriorates or has not improved as a result of the shading

color shading - Linguee

indicates the color shading in an image in [...] which very bright ... by different colors along the coastline and in some cases by shading of the interior.

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image-processing. ... matlab image-processing signal-processing 2017-11-11 ... 的话,这将在视频馈送上实施。 ... 我有一个html网站(纯HTMl,CSS,JS),我正在使用一些图像(主图像- 一些

图像平面属性(Image plane attributes) | Maya | Autodesk Knowledge ...

2014年9月29日 ... 您可以从面板菜单中选择“视图. 图像平面. 图像平面属性”(View . Image Plane . Image Plane Attributes) . 以查看附加到摄影机的图像平面的属性