图像平面属性(Image plane attributes) | Maya LT | Autodesk ...

2014年9月29日 ... 您可以从面板菜单中选择“视图. 图像平面. 图像平面属性”(View . Image Plane . Image Plane Attributes) . 以查看附加到摄影机的图像平面的属性

gray shading - Linguee

or patterns of gray shading and reverse printing [...] ... image quality deteriorates or has not improved as a result of the shading adjustment process.

color shading - Linguee

indicates the color shading in an image in [...] which very bright ... by different colors along the coastline and in some cases by shading of the interior.

画图时shading('interp')的使用问题– MATLAB中文论坛

众所周知,shading('.interp'.)可以实现对不平滑的图像进行平滑,比如:我新 ... 为什么shading('.interp'.)不能对imagesc和image使用,而pcolor,surf

2-D image flat-field correction - MATLAB imflatfield - MathWorks 中国

Load a grayscale image. This image has severe shading distortion on the left side and in

Image Quality(图像质量)_图文_百度文库

2016年12月20日 ... Image Quality(图像质量) - 介绍图像质量的各种因素和指标,不错的文档,适合 ... Resolution Distortion . DFOV Shading . Color Shading Flare