Color Correction image effect 颜色校正图像特效- Unity圣典

2012年7月16日 ... Color Correction allows you apply arbitrary color correction to your scene as a postprocessing effect (just like the Curves tool in Photoshop or

Color Correction Lookup Texture 色彩校正寻址纹理- Unity圣典

2013年3月29日 ... Color Correction Lut (Lut stands for lookup texture) is an optimized way of performing color grading in a post effect. Instead of tweaking the

color correction - Linguee

Many translated example sentences containing .color correction. – Chinese-English dictionary and search engine for Chinese translations.

Color Correction 节点- Lumberyard

使用Lumberyard Track View 编辑器中的“Color Correction”(颜色校正) 节点可以更改Lumberyard 中某个场景的CMYK、亮度、对比度、饱和度和色调。

ColorCorrection - Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3 ) API 参考

flash.filters. flash.geom. flash.globalization. flash.html. ColorCorrection 类可为 flash.display.Stage.colorCorrection 属性提供值。 相关API

颜色修正曲线(Color Correction Curve) - 手册 - 游戏蛮牛


Correct Colors Using Color Correction Matrix - MATLAB Simulink ...

Compare the corrected and reference colors on a color patch diagram. The measured color errors, delta_E , are smaller for the color-corrected image than for

RGB曲线节点— Blender Manual

_images. RGB曲线节点。 The RGB Curves Node allows color corrections for each color channel and levels adjustments in the compositing context.

Color Correction 色彩校正

Color Correction 色彩校正. This post effect lets you make common color corrections right away without having to switch to a different application. Color correction