Those people who are interested about photo editing or want to know how to edit your image are familiar with color grading. It is a wonderful process that enhances the video image, motion picture or still image. Color correction and the generation of artistic color effects encompass color grading. In this article we will discuss about color correction.

Most of the people think that color correction is a very tough work. But it’s not true. It is very easy. It is the basic term of Photoshop or photo editing. It is nothing else, just a step of film making process. Sometimes we make some excellent videos or shoot pictures but those pictures can be damaged or destroyed. And all of our hard work goes in vain.Then we have to face many problems. We have many choices but the easiest and most popular option is color correction. If we want to make any image too colorful or cool then we can use color correction.

For example we choose an image having colors of gray and red. Red is the light area and gray is dark area but if we normally apply grey filter the entire image then our photo looks very cool and attractive. It also looks very colorful and attractive. But we have to be careful to use colorbecause we can’t use every color. We can use only those colors that make our picture more natural and attractive. We all know that in an image there are many pixels. Sometimes we have to change a few pixels for color correction. And when we are doing it, we have to face four major problems. They are: selecting one specific color, selecting one specific pixel, distinguishing between two close pixels, human inadequacy.We have to avoid those problems. Because if we don’t avoid them, our image looks very weird.

For doing color correction there are a lot of applications. Some applications are paid and some of applications are full free for everyone. Some paid applications are: iMovie, perfect photo, Video grade photo editor, Movie Looks HD, Public studio and graphics design, NFB StopMo Studio, Vivakids’ ABC and etc.Some of applications are completely free for everyone. Those are: You tube capture, Mill colo, Auto adjust, Snapseed, My create lite and etc. Adobe After effects is another photo color correction application and it is the most popular application. It is best for color correction.

Every one works at different sectors. They are expert only in their sectors. Singers only know how to sing. Those who are working for color correction they are called colorists. They have option to use some special hardware device. Those devices make their life easy. But if we want to do all the things ourselves, that’s impossible. I mean, no one can do everything in life. So it’s better to give the task of a professional to the professionals. At Color Center International we take pride in our image editing service. Try us today and you will never look for a second one.

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