In a business some time it is very necessary to present yourself different from others. For this reason you have to do something different. If you use shadows then your product image looks very attractive to others and it shows that you are a professional businessman.  When you make any picture for your product you should spend some money and time on your product photography and make your product picture more attractive. You make your product picture different from others so that people feel comfortable to spend their time and money with your product. But sometimes maximum businessmen make a major mistake. They think that it takes a lot of money and time. But it’s not true. It doesn’t take a big budget or expensive big team.  It just wants to take your attention.

You can edit your image in many ways. But you can make your image more attractive by using different types of shadows. Shadows make your product picture more professional. You have to use natural light or natural shadow so that your product picture looks natural. In the time of image editing in Photoshop you have to remember two things that your shadows must look realistic and you should apply same type shadow on the all pictures.

There are three types of shadows. They are: Natural shadow, Reflection shadow and Drop shadow. Most of the time you should apply natural shadow. In this article you will know everything about natural shadow.

The shadows that are created on the basis of main shadow are called natural shadow. Natural shadow makes you product picture more enhance. Many people know picture editing and clipping path service but it is not enough to make your product picture more enhance. You should make completely different and natural looking image so you should add more and more quality to it and for this reason you should add natural shadow.

Sometimes adding natural shadow is very easy if you can adjust proper color. To make a proper natural shadow picture you have to maintain some steps.

At first,you should go to the Photoshop and open a picture. Then remove the back ground of the picture with the help of clipping path. Now you copy the picture in the other background transparency. Now go to the first picture and go adjustment and then saturation/hue. Now set up it saturation -89 and brightness -81. And now you have to reduce the opacity. Now you should cut your first picture and drag it beside the second picture and rotate it and adjust the two pictures. T last you click the right button and choose distort.

You can sell your natural shadow picture in different price. It mainly depends on your works. If your natural shadow is more progressive then your picture may be become more expensive.

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