Most of us are familiar to raster and vector. Especially who are webmasters, web designers, photo editors and others who are interested individuals. Raster and vector both are very important part in Photoshop. When we edit any picture most of the time we convert our picture from raster to vector. Sometimes we have to edit our product picture so that our product picture looks more attractive than others. Sometimes we edit a picture for our profession. Then we have to convert our picture raster to vector in Photoshop.

Raster and Vector definition

At first, we have to know what raster pictures around what vector pictures are. Those pictures are made of pixels and each pixel has different color they are called raster picture. And those pictures are made up of a path are called vector pictures. The paths can be line, square triangle or rectangular.

There are many reasons to edit our picture. But it is very difficult to edit any raster image without the loss of any information. But editing any vector image is very easy and there don’t have any chance to lose any information. Vector images can scale to a large size and not lose any image quality.

Editing software's

There are many software those are helpful for us to convert our image from raster to vector. Illustrator is one of them. Not one of them but the best of them. In this software, pathfinder is very useful and 3D is also very attractive. But most of the time we don’t use them. Those are used only when we want to make our image cool, attractive and completely different from others.  Maximum time we use live trace. It is very simple and very easy to work with. It can convert raster image to vector image. Without live trace, there are many separate applications that work like live trace. Those applications are able to convert raster image to vector image. But live trace is very simple and advanced.

Steps to follow

When we convert a raster image to vector image in live trace then there are two steps. The first step is illustrator adjust raster image. The second step is the most important step, it draws vector path that create completely right vector art.

At first, we have to trace image. For tracing image we have to choose object-live trace-make. After doing this we get 14 different tracing preset. Then we have to choose one of them. After doing this we have to preview our vector image. If we’re satisfied with the picture then we preview that in raster image. We also preview the image with vector image with trace image. If we want to adjust our tracing result we have to go to object-live trace-tracing options.

Then we have to go to the next option those are called adjustment, trace setting, and view. Now we have to modify our tracing vector image and editing all live trace paths. We can expand live trace object and make our picture more attractive.

In a nutshell we can say that if we want to make our picture professional and unique then we have to edit our picture. We can’t edit any raster picture. So we have to convert raster image to vector image in Photoshop.

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