Dr. R. K. Molla

Using his 25 years of teaching and research experiences in the United States and his native country Bangladesh, Dr. Molla has written this comprehensive book on the operation of a color separation scanner. This subject is considered to be complex and mystifies many in the industry. A person with basic knowledge of printing techniques will have no problem in understanding the simplified content of Electronic Color Separation. This book contains numerous illustrations including reproduction of control

facilities available in four popular brands of scanners. The content is organized to impart a clear understanding of the concepts, principles and skills necessary for the efficient operation of a color separation scanner. Electronic Color Separation is for anyone who wants to get into the exciting and challenging field of scanner operation or to keep abreast of the technology in this field. Whether you are a scanner operator, student, a prepress supervisor, or a sales representative, Electronic Color Separation is an effective tool for learning how to operate a color scanner. Four years of research and field testing went into the preparation of this book, which is the only one of its kind in the field. The manuscript was reviewed by 21 industry experts, scholars and students. The following are comments from some of these reviewers:
"With numerous illustrations and a simplified content, Dr. Molla's book on color scanners will be long recognized as a valuable asset for the industry." — Paul Borth, Technical. Director, international Prepress Association. "It explains for the first time in one single resource, all of the technical aspects of scanner technology in an organized and easily understood format." — Scott Cornish, Color Imaging Manager, USA Today."Probably the most comprehensive discussion I have read on tone reproduction and unsharp masking in the graphic arts." — Gary Field, Professor, California Polytechnic State University. "Electronic Color Separation will offer a real service to the color reproduction industry. It really pulls the facts together, and is an excellent update on Miles 'Blue' Book." — Art Procter, Color Systems Manager, Hoechst Celanese Corporation.


"Your book will make a significant contribution to our knowledge of electronic scanning." — Charles Rinehart, Technical Associate, Eastman Kodak Company. `A person with an average graphic arts background will have no problem in understanding the content. The book will fill a long standing need of the industry." — Brad Ross, Studio Supervisor, Crosfield Electronics. "Electronic Color Separation will be one of the major contributing factors in the expansion of scanner and related prepress technology." — Don Rogers, Quality Control Manager, Rex Three. "The book meets a long standing need of the industry and is highly recommended for the color scanner operators and other prepress personnel." — Richard Warner, Associate Research Director, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation.

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